Monday, December 5, 2005

Beef Lomo vs. Baby Back Ribs

La Negra y Pupi bring their students for
auténtico Argentine Parillada in Bs As

y Tiger introduce El Flaco Dani y Silvina to BBQ NYC

Saturday, November 12, 2005

All Night Milonga

beefy Argentine boys

a very close embrace

que estilo!

We wonder if the good Dr. makes house calls?

Anya y El Ruso

Anya y Ruben

Las Turcas

Never underestimate Artesanal

Tiger y Omar

Saturday, October 8, 2005


Tiger y Orgü baile tango

las mujeres de milonga

Sultana y Guest

Oliver y Sabine

Ko y Reneé

Robin and Sabine

Murat y La Turca

Saturday, September 10, 2005

All Night Milonga - Katrina Benefit

Here is a letter posted by the Queen of the Night, Sarah La Rocca. She is the organizer of the All Night Milonga - one of the best tango venues in NY. Check it out! The second Sat of each month at Stepping Out Dance Studios. (You'll also find Lexa there giving astrology/tarot readings at a great price.)

Dear Friends,

The All Night Milonga raised almost $1000 for the victims of hurricane Katrina.
The money was donated to two worthy local organizations:

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation to provide assistance to the residents of New Orleans and the Noah's Wish Foundation to provide rescue and shelter to the thousands and thousands of animals left behind.
Read their web sites to see the work these marvelous organizations are doing.

If you know anyone who couldn't attend the all night milonga, donations can still
be made on line at the above web sites.

I want to send out a very special huge THANK YOU to the following kind hearted
fantastic people:

Lexa Rosean
The Pulpo and the Zvi Migdal tango band
the management of Stepping Out Studios

Thanks to everyone who attended and to my friends who always support my heart felt frantic activities. And remember as a community, we are capable of great things.


Sarah La Rocca
September 10, 2005

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

La Boca Milonga

Nito y Elba perform at La Boca. Nito celebrates his 70th Birthday, and his landmark of 50 years dancing tango, and Nito y Elba celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary!

Ruben y Tiger compliment the corbatas.

Alex Turney y Alicia Cruzado

Head waiters Last tango with Gayatri

Nito y Elba y Tiger

Angel y Edith