Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cielo Chanukah Milonga 2009

Itsik un Shpitsik Glick performing Yiddish Swing
(Lexa Roséan & Arturo J. Perez Saad)
Song: eishes chayil Barry Sisters

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cielo in December

Come and Tango at Cielo in December!

Friday Dec 25 Special Christmas Day Milonga
2pm - 6pm Holiday Dinner Served

Tuesday Dec 29 Last Cielo milonga of 2009
Champagne & Tango

Come and tango at Cielo
Heavenly Bamboo Pavilion
10 East 39th St
between Madison & 5th Ave
8:30pm beg tango lesson
9:30pm - 1:30am milonga
$14 includes class, milonga, and sushi & Chinese buffet
$8 milonga only
Host & DJ Lexa plays a mix of traditional, alternative, and nuevo tangos and she also is happy to take musical requests.

Parking on the block
A few short steps from Grand Central 4,5,6 trains

Full bar and we have Sports Wii -
Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, Boxing AND
Same Sex/Opposite Sex Dancing Welcome

Thanks to all who joined us for these special Milongas IN DEC 2009

Tues Dec 1
TANGO MANHATTAN An Intimate portrait of New York City's Argentine Tango community in photographs.
Michelle DeBlasi has exquisitely captured the heart and soul of NYC's tango dancers and her photographs are a thing of beauty.
Gallery show opening and book signing at Cielo!!!
Book and limited edition prints. A perfect holiday gift for any tango aficionado!
Visit to order

Tues Dec 8
Book signing and Reading of IT TAKES TWO by Patrizia Chen.
"a sexy, fast-paced, entertaining novel about the ecstasy of tango dancing, It Takes Two reads like a soulful tango: irresistible, exotic, and sensual."
Come and join us at Cielo to celebrate New York Tanguera and Author Patrizia Chen. Esa! We will be raffling away one free book with entrance ticket to milonga.

Tues Dec 15
CHANUKAH MILONGA (the 5th night of Chanukah)
Classic ARGENTINE, Yiddish and Hebrew tangos and LIVE YIDDISH & LADINO CORTINAS with Lexa and der Arbeter Ring Choir.
Special performance by Itsik un Shpitsik Glick the dancing Chasidishe Brothers will treat us with a Yiddish Swing!
CHINESE LATKES! in addition to sushi and Chinese buffet
Schnapps, Mashke, Dreydls, gelt, tango, vals, milonga, AND we will light the Chanukah Menorah.
WHAT A BARGAIN for only $15.
Kumt lomir ale tantsn un essen un trinkn!!!
Chag Samayach y nos vemos!!!

Tuesday Dec 22 Winter Solstice Milonga
Wear White
Lexa will give a blessing for the Solstice to all present

Nos Vemos :-)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Human Rights Project Tango

Lexa Roséan and Gayle Madeira performing for Human Rights Project of Urban Justice Department 10th anniversary benefit at the OK Harris Works of Art Gallery in SoHo, New York City. September 16 2009

The music is "Alma De Bohemio" by Pedro Laurenz

Human Rights Project Milonga

Lexa Roséan and Gayle Madeira performing for Human Rights Project of Urban Justice Department 10th anniversary benefit at the OK Harris Works of Art Gallery in SoHo, New York City. September 16 2009

The music is "Un Baile A Beneficio" by Otros Aires

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Helen La Vikinga y Lexa Roséan tango

Barba de Choclo Di Sarli
15 September 2009
1 year anniversary of Milonga del Cielo

Helen La Vikinga y Lexa Roséan MIlonga

Relíquias Porteñas
15 September 2009
1 year anniversary of Milonga del Cielo

Helen La Vikinga y Lexa Roséan y Max Gonzalez canto y baile

Max sings Nostalgias A cappella
La Vikinga y Lexa dance
15 September 2009
1 year anniversary of Milonga del Cielo

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tango for Human Rights

On September 16, 2009, join the Human Rights Project in celebrating 10 years of domestic human rights work. We will have an evening of Tango for Human Rights replete with Tango performance and competition.

Purchase Tickets Here
Meet and Support our Fabulous Tango Dancers Here

Meet the wonderful tango instructor Lexa Rosean

Click on the name of the tango dancer you want to support.

Dancing for the Right to Education

Ogonna Agu

Sean Clark

Dancing for Labor Rights

Mabel Bejar

Dave Manstream

Dancing for the Right to Housing

HaQuyen Pham

Roberto Cornejo

Dancing for the Right to a Healthy Environment

Sydney Pringle

Jagdish Patel

Dancing for the Right to Reproductive Health

Maria Freytsis

Arturo Perez Saad


HRP 10th Anniversary
Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
OK Harris Works Of Arts Gallery
383 West Broadway, SoHo
6:30pm - 9:00pm

OK Harris Works Of Art Gallery
383 West Broadway, SoHo
Tango Party beginning at 6:30pm
Human Rights Awards at 8:00pm

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cielo in September

Milonga del Cielo in September 2009
"Do you remember how we danced that night away"

We've got something special planned EVERY Tuesday in September
Heavenly Bamboo Pavilion
10 East 39th St (Madison & 5th Ave)
8:30pm beg class with Lexa *Special class on Sep 15
9:30pm - 1:30am milonga
Chinese buffet & sushi served till 11pm

Host & DJ Lexa

$14 includes class/dinner/milonga $8 milonga only

September 8
Fiesta de Cumpleaños para el hijo de Lexa
That's right! My son - Ruben - the darling of the tango - is turning 16. Come tango the night away with El Guapo del Milonga with birthday cake & champagne.

September 15
One Year Anniversary of Cielo Milonga
Special class (all levels) with Helen La Vikinga.
Helen "La Vikinga" has been teaching tango since 1992 in Sweden, and since 2005 in Buenos Aires. Helen works with the Argentinian tango as a dance, as an expression, but most of all as a communication and as a connection to the other, both in the leader and in the follower role. Helen teaches from traditional tango to "queer" tango and everything in between. The most important is to be able to communicate to the other and enjoy the TANGO!
She started early to dance both roles in the tango and became well known as La Vikinga at the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires for dancing the 'man´s" role. Helen has been organizing in Sweden, the milonga Libertango and in Buenos Aires the milongas La Vikinga (one of the first alternative milongas in Bs As), Italia Unita, Bien Pulenta and Mano a Mano (open minded traditional milonga). In her own tango school, Escuela La Vikinga, she teaches both group and private tango & milonga lessons alone or with Javier Guiraldi.
Beside dancing and organizing tango Helen designs and produces La Vikinga Shoes and Sneakers.

PERFORMANCE WITH La Vikinga & Lexa! Champagne!

September 22
Mabon Milonga
Come and Celebrate Autumn. Ritual Tango Ceremony and Harvest blessing for Prosperity bestowed on all dancers by High Priestess and Witch Lexa. Mix of traditional. alternative, & nuevo sets.

September 29
Milonga Chai
If you make it to this milonga - you've been sealed in SEFER HA'CHAIM (the Book of Life). The Jewish New Year & Yom Kippur having concluded - Baile Chai at Cielo. Yiddish cortinas/Yiddish, Russian, Polish tangos and traditional Argentine tango sets. We are also celebrating the birthdays of Michelle DeBlasi and Jean Migdal and wishing Lexa a Bon Voyage as she heads off to Hamburg Queer Tango Festival.

Also in September...Allegorical paintings of tango, magic & girls...

The Art of Con Artist continues to hang at Heavenly Bamboo Pavillion and it is for sale at recession prices. 10 E 39th St (Mad/5th Ave), NYC

Lexa and Gayle

Love and Lightning

Moon Kite

Naked Tango Practice

Taking Her to the Cross

Nos vemos en Cielo!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Queer Tango Fest in Hamburg

Lexa is honored to be teaching and djing at Hamburg Queer Festival. Here is the link to check out this amazing weekend.

Lexa Rosean (New York)

A Rund ums Kreuz - Spielereien & Variationen mit vor- und hinterkreuzen.

In diesem Workshop werden verschiedene Möglichkeiten des Kreuzens vermittelt, incl. ‚Cruzada Porteno’ und Hinterkreuzen, auch außerhalb der traditionell getanzten Base. Zusätzlich werden wir uns das Gehen an der ‚anderen’ Seite der Folgenden sowie das Wechseln der Seiten vornehmen unter den Gesichtspunkten Leichtigkeit, Rhythmus, Verbindung und Grazie. Anleitungen für klares, sicheres Führen (und Folgen).

Sa 03.10.2009, 16:30-18:15
Ab fortgeschrittene Anfänger_innen

Queer Tango Berlin

Queer Tango Berlin

10./11. October Workshops with Lexa Rosean (NYC)

Lexa RoseanLexa Roséan is the 2008 US Argentine Stage Tango Champion (along with partner Gayle Madeira). Lexa also placed 3rd in Salon Tango for 3 consecutive years and was the first woman to receive an official invitation from the Argentine Government to dance the lead in the Mundial (World Competition).

Lexa began learning tango in 1995 and her first teacher was Brigitta Winkler. She continued studying with many of the great Argentine maestro/as including Omar Vega, Carlos Gavito, Nito y Elba, Susanna Miller, and Alicia Cruzado.

Lexa taught at DanceSport, and now teaches privately, as well as djs, and performs - but her most favorite aspect of Argentine tango is to dance socially. In 2007/8 she hosted NYC's only gay/lesbian milonga at Rubyfruit Bar in the West Village. Her current Milonga del Cielo is open to ALL tango lovers regardless of their sexual preference.

More Infos:


Saturday. 10.October

WS 1: 16.00 - 17.30 h: Secrets between Women - Tips for woman leaders. The embrace, Walking, Relationship of Bodies in close and open embrace (Adv. Beginners)
WS 2:18.00 - 19.30 h : Walking on the Dark Side
exploration of walking on followers left using rhythmic walking and turns. (Adv. Beginners)

Sunday 11.October

16.00 - 17.30 h : Sexy deep Sacadas & double Sacadas in close embrace (Intermediate)
18.00 - 19.30 h : Mad Milonga Moves - some fun and easy steps to spice up your milonga. Exploring Milonga Lisa, Milonga Condombe, & Milonga Traspie (Intermediate)

fees: 1,5 h=24/22€ erm. | 3 h=22/20€ erm. | ab 4,5 h 20/18€

Discount for students, unemployed and students of PHYNIXtanzt and Queer Tango Berlin.
Single dancers welcome! we help finding a dance partner.

Infos and registration: Astrid Weiske
0174/944 47 88 or E-Mail: Astrid Weiske

10./11. Oktober Workshops mit Lexa Rosean (NYC)

Workshops für Anfänger mit Vorkenntnissen, Mittelstufe + Fortgeschrittenes Level

Lexa RoseanLexa Roséan gewann 2008 zusammen mit ihrer Partnerin Gayle Madeira die US Meisterschaft im Tango Argentino-Showtanz. Sie machte drei Mal hintereinander den dritten Platz im Salontango-Wettbewerb und war eine der ersten Frauen, die auf offizielle Einladung der argentinischen Regierung den führenden Part bei der Weltmeisterschaft (Mundial) getanzt hat.

Lexa tanzt seit 1995, ihre erste Lehrerin war Brigitta Winkler. Später lernte sie bei vielen der großen argentinischen Lehrmeister_innen wie zum Beispiel Omar Vega, Carlos Gavito, Nito und Elba, Susanna Miller, Alicia Cruzado.

Lexa unterrichtete Tango Argentino bei DanceSport und gibt nun Privatunterricht, arbeitet als DJane und tritt auf, aber am liebsten tanzt sie den Tango Argentino nur zum Vergnügen. 2007/8 veranstaltete sie New York Citys einzige lesbisch/schwule Milonga in der Rubyfruit Bar im West Village. Derzeitig organisiert sie die Milonga del Cielo, die ALLEN Tango Liebhaber_innen, unabhängig von ihren sexuellen Präferenzen, offensteht.

Mehr Infos:


Samstag. 10.Oktober

WS 1: 16.00 - 17.30 h: Geheimnisse zwischen Frauen - Tipps für führende & folgende Frauen - Umarmung, Gehen, Verbindung der Körper in offener und enger Umarmung ( Vork.)
WS 2:18.00 - 19.30 h : Walking on the Dark Side
Entdeckungen an der linken Folgendenseite mit Gehen, Rhytmus und Drehungen ( Vork.)

Sonntag 11.Oktober

16.00 - 17.30 h : Sexy tiefe Sacadas & doppelte Sacadas in enger Umarmung (Mittelstufe)
18.00 - 19.30 h : Mad Milonga Moves einfache und verspielte Schritte für eine spannende Milonga - Entdeckungen mit Milonga Lisa, Milonga Condombe, & Milonga Traspie (Mittelstufe)

Kosten: 1,5 h=24/22€ erm. | 3 h=22/20€ erm. | ab 4,5 h 20/18€

Ermäßigungen gelten für Schüler, Studenten, ALG II und Schüler von PHYNIXtanzt und Queer Tango Berlin.

Einzelanmeldungen willkommen! Wir sind gerne behilflich bei Tanzpartnervermittlung.
Bitte unbedingt anmelden, da die Teilnehmeranzahl limitiert ist!

Infos und Anmeldung: Astrid Weiske
0174/944 47 88 oder per E-Mail: Astrid Weiske

Einzelstunden sind nach Absprache möglich.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Drunk Tango
Performance at the U.S. Tango Championships - Lexa & Gayle performing as the 2008 champions
Performance @ Stepping Out Studios, NYC July 24, 2009
Milonga is Donato Ella es Asi
One detail that can't be seen is that when Lexa sits down towards the end, she is reading a book called
"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" (with title also in español).

Lexa Roséan and Gayle Madeira

Photos from Drunk Tango
Performance at the U.S. Tango Championships
Photos by Kai:

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Milonga del Cielo will be taking a pausa for 2 weeks.
Please join us for reopening on Tuesday August 18 2009
with a special Queer Tango Art Opening and Exhibition by Con Artist.
(click on invitation below to enlarge)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Queer as Tango

Click here to read Lexa's interview in Reportango magazine.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gay Pride Week @ Cielo tues Jun 23

Come and Celebrate Gay Pride Week at Cielo
Heavenly Bamboo Pavilion
10 East 39th St (Madison & 5th Ave)
Tuesday Jun 23 2009
8:30 tango lesson. Learn to WALK ON THE DARK SIDE with Lexa (walking
with ease on the left side of the follower)
9:30pm - 1:30am milonga
DJ & Host Lexa
Lesbian Lustradas, Gay Gauchos, Bisexual Bailarin, Transgender
Tanguero/as, Straight Men hoping for a little Sandwiche or Back
Sacada, FagHag Firuletes, Ladies of the Night, and ALL Milonqueeros
Wear lavender or let out your inner gender bender and COME IN DRAG!

We also welcome ALL THE PARENTS AND RELATIVES AND FRIENDS of GLBT people. EVERYONE has a GAY GARDEL or a cross dressing female tango singer somewhere on the family tree!
nos vemos!

Monday, May 25, 2009

What folks are saying about Cielo

"Why I go to Lexa's by Jean Migdal.
I go to Lexa's Milonga because I always have a good time, the space is intimate and Lexa is a very good host. Lexa plays good tranditional music and alternative tandas created with me in mind. She and I dance madly to "I Want to do Bad Things to You", the theme song from my favorite tv show, Trueblood. Lexa is inventive and dreams up fun themes for official and not so official holidays and celebrations. A surprising number of people who go to Lexa's like to dress up for her events. Once I danced with a barechested man on a Hawaiian themed night. When Lexa performs wtih Gayle it's always naughty and fun. Finally, I go to Lexa's because her cortinas are unexpectedly playful; and, if we start to dance, she plays the entire song."
Nos vemos y abrazos -Lexa

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gayle & Lexa La Belle Epoque May 8 2009_milonga

Lexa Roséan and Gayle Madeira, 2008 United States Argentine Tango Stage Champions, performing at the La Belle Epoque milonga in the Ukrainian Restaurant, New York City on May 8, 2009.
Song: La Milonga Que Faltaba by Donato

Gayle & Lexa La Belle Epoque May 8 2009_first dance

Lexa Roséan and Gayle Madeira, 2008 United States Argentine Tango Stage Champions, performing at the La Belle Epoque milonga in the Ukrainian Restaurant, New York City on May 8, 2009.
Song: Barbo de Choclo by Carlos di Sarli

Monday, May 11, 2009

Milonga de la Familia

Four Seas Players 39th Season Spring Performance

In Cantonese with English Subtitles

Milonga de la familia

Playwright: Kaiyu Sun Director: Katen Ho

featuring Lexa Roséan & Gayle Madeira

Show Times

Sat. May 9& 16, 2009 at 3:00pm & 7:00pm

Sun. May 10 & 17, 2009 at 3:00pm


Henry Street Settlement, Abrons Art Center – Recital Hall

466 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002


$12.00 at the door, $6.00 senior citizens

$10.00 by reservation via phone or email


Phone (718) 831-1998 Mon.-Sat. 9am-6pm


On a Sunday afternoon, a widow waits for her two daughters and younger brother to join her for a family dinner. Under the quiet surface there are tensions and conflicts between the family members but everyone is used to the predictable situations they have to face each day. An unexpected guest drops in and the revelry that she brings with her throws the family off balance. What does the visit of this stranger mean to the family and herself?

About the Title

Milonga is not a fixed location or a stationary being. It is made by people, music and the interaction between them. Family is the same, only that in this case love is the music. Milonga is something we live. Family is something we make.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Inauguration Tango Performance

Inauguration Tango happened in New York City at the Cielo Milonga on Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Bill and Hillary Clinton (a.k.a. Lexa Roséan and Gayle Madeira) made a special appearance along with various Monica Lewinsky's. After a bit of a fray between Hillary and one Monica, Hill pulls herself together in time for President Barack Obama to appear and dance with her.
The Cielo Milonga is every Tuesday night, @ the Heavenly Bamboo Pavilion (10 East 39th St btwn Mad & 5th Ave). There is an 8:30 beginning tango class and dancing from 9:30pm - 1:30am. $14 includes Sushi and Chinese buffet

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gayle & Lexa New Year's Eve Performance

Some details that can't be seen are that Gayle has a greatly embellished dress (the boobs and butt were really big) and Lexa has a mustache. When Lexa sits down towards the end, she is reading a book called "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" (with title also in español). Lexa also has a flask, the book and a cigar on the table and is drinking...a lot!

Happy new year! Here's to many more silly and fun and even muy dramatico tangos to do!!!