Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cielo in September

Milonga del Cielo in September 2009
"Do you remember how we danced that night away"

We've got something special planned EVERY Tuesday in September
Heavenly Bamboo Pavilion
10 East 39th St (Madison & 5th Ave)
8:30pm beg class with Lexa *Special class on Sep 15
9:30pm - 1:30am milonga
Chinese buffet & sushi served till 11pm

Host & DJ Lexa

$14 includes class/dinner/milonga $8 milonga only

September 8
Fiesta de Cumpleaños para el hijo de Lexa
That's right! My son - Ruben - the darling of the tango - is turning 16. Come tango the night away with El Guapo del Milonga with birthday cake & champagne.

September 15
One Year Anniversary of Cielo Milonga
Special class (all levels) with Helen La Vikinga.
Helen "La Vikinga" has been teaching tango since 1992 in Sweden, and since 2005 in Buenos Aires. Helen works with the Argentinian tango as a dance, as an expression, but most of all as a communication and as a connection to the other, both in the leader and in the follower role. Helen teaches from traditional tango to "queer" tango and everything in between. The most important is to be able to communicate to the other and enjoy the TANGO!
She started early to dance both roles in the tango and became well known as La Vikinga at the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires for dancing the 'man´s" role. Helen has been organizing in Sweden, the milonga Libertango and in Buenos Aires the milongas La Vikinga (one of the first alternative milongas in Bs As), Italia Unita, Bien Pulenta and Mano a Mano (open minded traditional milonga). In her own tango school, Escuela La Vikinga, she teaches both group and private tango & milonga lessons alone or with Javier Guiraldi.
Beside dancing and organizing tango Helen designs and produces La Vikinga Shoes and Sneakers.

PERFORMANCE WITH La Vikinga & Lexa! Champagne!

September 22
Mabon Milonga
Come and Celebrate Autumn. Ritual Tango Ceremony and Harvest blessing for Prosperity bestowed on all dancers by High Priestess and Witch Lexa. Mix of traditional. alternative, & nuevo sets.

September 29
Milonga Chai
If you make it to this milonga - you've been sealed in SEFER HA'CHAIM (the Book of Life). The Jewish New Year & Yom Kippur having concluded - Baile Chai at Cielo. Yiddish cortinas/Yiddish, Russian, Polish tangos and traditional Argentine tango sets. We are also celebrating the birthdays of Michelle DeBlasi and Jean Migdal and wishing Lexa a Bon Voyage as she heads off to Hamburg Queer Tango Festival.

Also in September...Allegorical paintings of tango, magic & girls...

The Art of Con Artist continues to hang at Heavenly Bamboo Pavillion and it is for sale at recession prices. 10 E 39th St (Mad/5th Ave), NYC

Lexa and Gayle

Love and Lightning

Moon Kite

Naked Tango Practice

Taking Her to the Cross

Nos vemos en Cielo!

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