Saturday, July 28, 2007

Super Summer Sale on Felina Tango Shoes


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Felina Shoes


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kumi and Lexa Warm UP

This was the warm up for the semi finals in the US Tango Salon Championship. (July 17, 2007 at La Boca Milonga) Kumi and Lexa took 3rd place and were the first same sex couple to compete and to be officially accepted by the Mundial in Buenos Aires. Suerte! to Eduardo y Cyrena who won 1st place and will be competing next month in Bs As!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pupi Castello Passes...

Dear friends,
I just read this on the Tango L:
It's a note from Alberto Paz and
Valorie Hart. It's with great sadness I quote this to all of you:

Pupi Castello passed away surrounded by family and friends at 8:30 AM (Sat Jul 21?)
this morning Buenos Aires time.

Another giant of the Argentine tango has left us, and we mourn, we
grief but also rejoice celebrating the life of a man who gave luster
and class to the word 'milonguero.'

Pupi's prime disciple, partner and friend Graciela Gonzalez was at
his bedside hours after she returned to Buenos Aires. After a long
night, Ernesto Norberto Castello, known by all as Pupi slipped into
an eternal rest.

Pupi was a wonderful teacher and dear dear milonguero. I enjoyed so many tango moments with him in NY and Bs As. Pupi was always the life of the party and his dance was one you could not take your eyes away from. I will miss him greatly as will all of the tango community. RIP dear Pupi in that great milonga in the sky!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Don't Miss this on Sat Jul 20!

Navigating the Floor
Sat July 21 @ 10 am
Stepping Out Studios
37 W 26th Street (bet. bdwy & 6th Ave), 9th fl
As part of the NYC Tango Festival, Lexa will be teaching this group class.
for registration and more info check out Celebrate Tango

Tango History video Lecture
Anton Gazenbeek (assisted by Sergio Segura)
The Women of Tango
1:30 - 2:30 pm
Stepping Out Studios
37 W 26th Street (bet. bdwy & 6th Ave), 9th fl

Check out Celebrate Tango for full schedule of Festival Films, classes, and activities

1st USA TANGO Championship


A crowded room of people watched as the
6 semi-finalists
of the
in alphabetical order they were
Carolina Jaurena & Stephan Zawistowskei
Cyrena Drusine & Eduardo Goytia
Erika Rullman & Jorge Nel Giraldo
Kumi Clara Ueki & Lexa Rosean
Linda & James Gucciardo
Ryoko Takari & Omar Lagos

Danced their best and the following
3 Salon Finalists
were chosen
in alphabetical order they are
Cyrena Drusine & Eduardo Goytia
Kumi Clara Ueki & Lexa Rosean
Ryoko Takari & Omar Lagos

the Official Judges:
Jorge Torres
Alejandra Arrue
Sergio Natario

As WINNERS of 1st Place
for the Grand 1st Prize of travel to and from and accommodation in Buenos
Aires representing the USA in the V Mundial Campeonato.
2nd Place
Ryoko Takari & Omar Lagos
3rd Place
Clara Kumi Ueki & Lexa Rosean

Christine Lopez & Jerry Perez
Cyrena Drusine & Eduardo Goytia
Ninah Beliavsky & Jorge Nel Giraldo

the Official Judges:
Jorge Torres
Alejandra Arrue
Sergio Natario

As WINNERS of 1st Place
2nd Place
Ninah Beliavsky & Jorge Nel Giraldo
3rd Place
Cyrena Drusine & Eduardo Goytia

To quote Alejandra Arrue ( judge)

"It is an honor for us to be here as judges and we are truly surprised at the high level of dancing here in NYC. We will do our best to pick the best representative for the USA"

I extend a big thank you to the Tango community for your help, support and participation which made this a beautiful and exciting event and opportunity for us to really watch some of the incredible dancers and friends we have here.

The celebrate Tango Week NYC 15 ? 22 July, 2007 continues
with exciting classes, Films, Lectures, the Elegant Black & White Ball
See the stage winners dance there in an exciting show with the Festival masters!
And the Sunday Soiree Finale more incredible performances including our own
Salon Tango Winners!!
Get your ticket s now!!
See the program

Looking forward to...
Celebrating Tango!
Gayatri Martin
212 725 1078 (24/7)
Remember..Life is supposed to be FUN!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

win? place? SHOW!!!

Kumi and Lexa made it to the final round and won the BRONZE!
third place Kumi Clara Ueki & Lexa Rosean
second place Ryoko Takari & Omar Lagos
first place Cyrena Drusine & Eduardo Goytia

Kumi y Lexa were invited to dance tonight at La Nacional.
nos vemos en la milonga!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We Made it to the Semi Finals!!!

We are #104 in the second round of competition.
Video posted by YesimLaTurca.
Over 200 people watching and 16 brave couples who danced so beautifully and elegantly in the Salon Category of the 1st USA Tango Championship, "a fun competition for the serious dancer."
To quote Master of Ceremonies NELSON AVILA:

Tonight at La Boca Milonga the Official Judges:
Jorge Torres
Alejandra Arrue
Sergio Natario

Selected the following six couples as Semi-Finalists
in alphabetical order they are
Carolina Jaurena & Stephan Zawistowskei
Cyrena Drusine & Eduardo Goytia
Erika Rullman & Jorge Nel Giraldo
Kumi Clara Ueki & Lexa Rosean
Linda & James Gucciardo
Ryoko Takari & Omar Lagos

And Wednesday July 18th at
Corazon Milonga
101 Lafayette St
8:00pm ? 9:00pm

It will be decided which one of these couples will be the winners of 1st Place and qualify for the Grand 1st Prize of travel to and from and accommodation in Buenos Aires representing the USA in the V Mundial Campeonato.

Come and be part of this NYC historical night
For more information

Saturday, July 14, 2007


My dance partner sent me this video* for some inspiration...

Dare I have such lofty aspirations?

aspiration |ˌaspəˈrā sh ən|
1 (usu. aspirations) a hope or ambition of achieving something : he had nothing tangible to back up his literary aspirations | the yawning gulf between aspiration and reality. • the object of such an ambition; a goal : fabrics and oriental rugs were my aspirations.
2 the action of pronouncing a sound with an exhalation of breath.
3 Medicine the action of drawing fluid by suction from a vessel or cavity.

aspirational |- sh ənl| adjective (in sense 1) .
ORIGIN late Middle English (sense 2) : from Latin aspiratio(n-), from the verb aspirare (see aspire).

How does one aspire to dance like the gods?

aspire |əˈspī(ə)r|
verb [ intrans. ]
direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something : we never thought that we might aspire to those heights | [with infinitive ] other people will aspire to be like you | [as adj. ] (aspiring) an aspiring artist. • poetic/literary rise high; tower : above the domes of loftiest mosques, these pinnacles of death aspire.
ORIGIN late Middle English : from French aspirer or Latin aspirare, from ad- ‘to’ + spirare ‘breathe.’

Ok, no need to kill myself. Just relax and BREATHE!

*Fabian Peralta y Natacha Poberaj
Villa Urquiza Style. Performance at Salon Canning June 2006.
"Una Emocion" by Tanturi/Campos

Thursday, July 12, 2007

All Night Milonga Sat July 14

Saturday July 14th
Direct from Buenos Aires! Special guest instructor
intermediate level and up class at 9pm
Dancing 10pm to 5am
DJ Ramu Pyreddy
Show TBA
Admission: $15 general public
$10 current stepping out students & college students with id.
Price includes the class and wonderful refreshments.
And as requested by Rick Castro, the hot dogs are back!
CLAUDIO'S new tango DVD Tango From the Heart
will be available for preview & sale.
Our in house astrologer LEXA ROSEAN
will be available for tarot & astrology readings
The FELINA Tango Shoe Boutique will be open.
Grab a pair of the latest sexy shoes.
And it's your last chance to buy tickets to the NYC Tango Festival
before the price goes up on Sunday!
The All Nighter is NYC's most popular milonga.Tangueros of all styles and levels
are welcome. With the largest dance floor in town, we have free range room for all.
It's casual and friendly and yes, it is air conditioned.
Stepping Out Studios
37 West 26th Street @ 6th Ave
New York
646 742 9400
For complete details and updates please visit
More info about Claudio Asprea
More info about Lexa

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"Sacred Monsters"

I've been reading Nemesis: The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle That Brought Down the Kennedys by Peter Evans. I even traded in a few nights of milongas to stay home with this great read.

Ari immigrated to Bs As in the 20's after his family was forced to leave their home in Smyrna (I believe the Turks refer to it as the "citizen exchange" of Izmir?) O, already this is becoming more touchy than a Tango L discussion (war) on whether one steps with the ball of the foot or the heel. Anyway, Onassis made his first million in the city of Porteños selling Turkish tobacco and he marketed his cigarettes to women who were just beginning to smoke in public. He also took tango lessons every day and frequented the milongas. Unfortunately the book doesn't delve too deeply into these years of his life but it certainly sparked my imagination. Onassis was a ruthless man. Those must have been the days of the REAL malevos in the milongas. Not the wanna be bad boys of the barrio we have today. These guys in shorts would never have made it through the rough night. Back then the rooms were full of MEN in LONG PANTS!

Of course there are still a handful of evil ones among us. There's that fellow* who used to be a gynecologist but unlike Alberto Castillo the ladies do not fall in love with him. Neither his voice nor his manner are sweet. His dance is dreadful. The word is that he used to ask his female patients to undress and put on a robe that opened in the back. Then they were instructed to lay face down on the examination table. He then pressed a button causing the table to lift their bottoms high in the air and the robes of course would part and open. Then at the right moment - meaning the derriére was raised in the most exposed and compromising spreadeagled position, he would snap a Polaroid of their vaginas. He even had the gall to snap two and present one to the ladies while informing them that the other copy was for his files. Carlos Gardel knows how many women accepted this behavior as normal. Finally one woman sued his pants off and he was forced to close his practice for good. He continued on to take up the favored Argentine occupation and become a psychiatrist. I am told that most of his patients are women. This is scary stuff. Real malevo material. This guy is not even a charming sociopath like Onassis! And what's even worse is that he could pass for the twin of one of the most evil men in America. Fuckin' malevo!

Impeach Cheney
Thanks for tolerating the political break. During the cortinas we really should take time out to Impeach Cheney and get rid of some of these culos destroying the beauty of our dance.

Now back to Ari... (according to Peter Evans) he did some of the most horrific things, like funding the hypnosis of Sirhan Sirhan to assassinate RFK. Kind of like a Manchurian Candidate thing because Ari needed Bobby out of the way to marry Jackie.

Onassis was also fond of saying "He who beats well, loves well". Ouch, that's about as milonguero as it gets. (Although nuevo tangueros say: "He who steps on the beat well, loves well".)

Nemesis is very compelling. It's easy to get caught up in the sordid lives of the rich jet set. Did you know that Jackie started her affair with Ari when JFK was still in the White House? That's right. He seduced the First Lady in Capri on his yacht, the Christina. Before that he had been sleeping with her sister Lee. O, and did I mention that Jackie also had an affair with her brother-in-law Bobby? I'm telling you, hands-down, this book outdoes our own tawdry little affairs and incestuous change of partners in the milongas. You can see why I've been staying home nights.

"Right" - some of you are saying - "hey Tiger, this isn't exactly news. All this Onassis stuff happened over 40 years ago. Even Evan's book has been out since 2004!"

Yeah, well that's what happens when you've been dancing tango for over 12 years. You miss stuff. Kind of get out of touch with the real world. Ok, give me a break here. I'm trying to catch up!

I'll just end with this. Onassis first seduced Maria Callas away from her husband by dancing tango with her all night. He must have had some good instructors. Maybe he took private lessons with El Cachafaz. Needless to say, he used all his prowess to woo and win her.

In The Queen's Throat, Wayne Koestenbaum writes:

Walter Legge, who produced many of Callas's legendary recordings, once peered inside her mouth and remarked that it was shaped like a Gothic Cathedral.

(No wonder Ari wanted to prey there.)
I don't think the divine diva of music would have fallen in love with a bad dancer. She was holy perfection. Although Koestenbaum also records that:

After the affair with Onassis began, she had a vocal crisis, retired, and then returned to the stage. She collapsed at the Paris Opera after the third act of
Norma; she sang one more Tosca in London, and then she never sang an opera again.

The tango of malevos is powerful stuff.

*Characters are entirely fictional and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Some of the characters may have certain traits and/or mannerisms that may seem to suggest actual persons but I make no claim that these traits exist at all or in this combination in any person, living or dead.

First major snow in Buenos Aires since 1918 - International Herald Tribune

First major snow in Buenos Aires since 1918 - International Herald Tribune: "First major snow in Buenos Aires since 1918
The Associated Press
Published: July 9, 2007

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina: Thousands of Argentines cheered in the streets of Buenos Aires on Monday as the capital saw a rare snowfall, the first of its kind since 1918.

Wet snow fell for hours in the Argentine capital without accumulating on Monday, after freezing air from Antarctica collided with a moisture-laden low pressure system that blanketed higher elevations in western and central Argentina with snow.

Argentina's National Weather Service said it was the first major snow in Buenos Aires since June 22, 1918, though sleet or freezing rain have been periodically reported in decades since.

The snow followed a bitter cold snap in late May that saw subfreezing temperatures, the coldest in 40 years in Buenos Aires. That cold wave contributed to an energy crisis and 23 deaths from exposure.

Two more exposure deaths were reported on Monday.

"Despite all my years, this is the first time I've ever seen in snow in Buenos Aires," said Juana Benitez, an 82-year-old who joined children celebrating in the streets.

One man stripped to his shorts to welcome the snow. Some fender benders were reported on slick suburban streets.

The storm struck on Argentina's Independence Day holiday, adding to a festive air and prompted radio stations to play an old tango song inspired by the 1918 snowfall, "What a night!"

"This is the kind of weather phenomenon that comes along every 100 years," forecaster Hector Ciappesoni told La Nacion newspaper. "It is very difficult to predict."

Monday, July 9, 2007

Tiger's Tango Schedule for July 2007

Sat July 14 10pm - 5am
at Stepping Out Studios
37 W. 26th Street, between 6th Ave & Broadway, 9th floor
dj Ramu
Lexa will be giving tarot/astrology readings for $1 a minute (10 minute minimum).

US Tango Competition
Tuesday July 17
La Boca Milonga
Il Campanello 136 W 31 St.(6-7 Aves.)
8pm - 12:30 am
Tiger and Kumi will be dancing in the first round of the competition.
Please come and cheer us on!
Wed July 18
Corazon Milonga
Studio 101
101 Lafayette St 2nd fl
Tango Gods willing - Tiger and Kumi will be dancing in the final round of the competition. If not, we'll still be there - drowning our sorrows at the bar!

Staten Island Ferry
Thursday July 19 3:30 - 5:30 pm
Come and dance tango on the Staten Island Ferry
dj and beginners class by Lexa
for more info on this and other NYC Tango Festival events check out Celebrate Tango

Navigating the Floor
Sat July 21 @ 10 am
Stepping Out Studios
37 W 26th Street (bet. bdwy & 6th Ave), 9th fl
As part of the NYC Tango Festival, Lexa will be teaching this group class.
for registration and more info check out Celebrate Tango

Lexa (Tiger) is available for private tango lessons as well.

Nos vemos en las milongas!

Celebrate Tango Week NYC

The Celebrate Tango and Tango Film Festival Week, NYC July 15th – 22nd, 2007 includes the..
1ST USA TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP July 17th qualifying rounds in La Boca & July 18th Finals in Corazon Milonga - 1st prize winners go to Buenos Aires to represent the USA in the V World Tango Championship 16-26 August, 2007!!
For details and entries:
For special Championship Package to see who is selected:
SPECIAL GUEST: Nelson Avila (Tango Argentino, Forever Tango) is the Official Championship Master of Ceremonies and will also be teaching on Sunday at the Soiree Finale.
Plus at the...

We have 40 fabulous Classes! Register now for one, two, a whole day or all 3 days of classes!
Choose from a line up of talent that have starred in Broadway shows and been Featured in Festivals Worldwide...
Jorge Torres (Forever Tango) Mariela Franganillo (Forever Tango) Alejandra Arrue y Sergio Natario (CITA, Buenos Aires Festival & Europe) Silvia Grynt & Guillermo Salvat (Tango-a-Tierra & La Esquina de Gardel)

CLASSES and EVENTS Also available a la carte
(including the Famous Black & White Ball July 20th tickets only $35 before July 15th!!)

Dance Manhattan, 39 W 19 St 5th floor, (5-6 Aves), NYC
This is your first chance in NYC to take class with Alejandra & Sergio "salon sacadas" and Guillermo y Silvia "elements to improvise" plus you can get centered with Mariela's "find your axis" and Discover the combined joy of "clear leading and smooth following" with Anton Gazenbeek (assisted by Sergio Segura). What a day!
Remember to send your friends that are not yet obsessed about tango to the amazing local line-up of teachers of the basic classes. There is something for everyone from fundamental elements (Evan Griffiths), find & dance the beat (Carina Moeller), navigate the floor (Lexa Roséan), to connection & timing (Willie Feuer) and alignment & balance (Jean Fung) and elegant paradas (Yesim Sezer).
Classes run from 10:00 am - 5:30pm at Dance Manhattan, 39 West 19th St. (5th & 6th Aves.), 5th floor, (212) 807 0802. $35 one class $65 for two classes, $120 for the day.

Tango History Presentation by Anton Gazenbeek.
1:30 – 2:30pm
Tango in shadow Position. Rare clips from the 60’s to the 80’s of this art form where both dancers face the same way. Includes segments with the creator Arturito plus Todaro and over 25 milonguero couples.
$10 (if you are not taking the Full Festival or all day class package)

Reserve your space NOW for the...
Same building as Dance Manhattan but on the 3rd floor (TV & Film School)
39 West 19 St, 3rd Floor (5-6 Aves)
This year we have 2 days of Festival submissions!
The Heart of Tango
Johnny Robinson – Rochester, USA
Cast: Colette Hebert and Richard Council
The Heart Of Tango takes a definitive look at argentine tango dancing. Dancing is meticulously scrutinized for the fundamentals of the dance. Contrasting this rich polished imagery; narration expresses the deep emotional experience of tango in poetic language.

La Muneca
Catrin Strong – England, UK
Cast: Natalia Villanueva and Lola
Who is La Muneca? One half of an unconventional dance couple. The film follows the couple throughout the milongas of Buenos Aires as they struggle to prepare and perform their show. But will they stay together or will one of them have to be replaced.
EL Ultimo Bandoneon
Alejandro Saderman - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cast: Rodolfo Mederos & Marina Gayotto
Marina plays the bandoneon in buses and subways. When the famous musician Rodolfo Mederos tells her that she can be part of his new Tango orchestra, for the girl it is like having reached heaven. There is one condition, however, She will have to get hold of a Double A, the Stradivarius of bandoneons. THE LAST BANDONEON is the chronicle of this request.
$15 advance purchase advised.

And YES we have again the free classes all over town starting July 15th at Session 73 - made possible by teachers and studios donating time and space.

they are on the schedule too!

You can see the incredible selection of classes and events for the whole week:
Additional details at:
On line with a credit card at
by mailing check or money order with registration form and check payable to Celebrate Tango
To Celebrate Tango, 220 E 26 St #6L, NY NY 10010, USA.
In person at La Boca milonga Tuesday July 10th or 17th, 136 W 31 St NY
Looking forward to...
Celebrating Tango!
Gayatri Martin
212 725 1078

Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Shift in Tango Consciousness

Last month marked my twelve year anniversary dancing Argentine tango. After over a dozen years of dancing with strangers, I have moved into dancing almost exclusively with one. This is because my dance partner and I are practicing for the competition. Of course, we take some breaks to dance with others so that we don't alienate our favorite and regular partners during this process.
I always used to have some kind of an attitude about couples that danced exclusively with each other. I thought they were anti social and didn't want to mix with the crowd. What I failed to realize, and am beginning to understand now - is that you can go much deeper with one partner. It's amazing how united we are becoming the more we dance together. It is anything but boring. In fact, it's the most interesting tango experience I have had in years. At the same time, I am going deeper with my life partner in a way that I have never been able to with the relationships that came before. Funny how tango runs parallel to real life.
Last week, a fellow complained to me that lately guys are hogging partners. They are not breaking apart in the cortinas but rather dancing multiple tandas with the same woman. He was annoyed and seemed to think this was a forced situation. He could not see the obvious mutuality in the choice. I looked up to see a specific couple (or shall I say culprits) he had pointed out. Ah, years ago I would have been right there commiserating with him but last week, when I looked up, I felt their connection and responded only with a deep and knowing smile.

Monday, July 2, 2007

TangoStars July/August 2007

By Lexa Roséan

Jul/Aug 2007
For the summer forecast, we will use some Lunfardo (tango slang) to look at your horoscopes.

Feliz Cumpleaños Cancer
In July, Mercury brings some tender words your way and you definitely prefer to communicate through close embrace on the dance floor. August is CALIENTE and you become jealous and possessive over a partner. Do not under any circumstances carry a weapon into the milonga and that includes the Comme Il Faut footwear. No matter how angry you get, do not use TIMBOS or boleos to attack.
Best milonga days: Jul 13/14 Aug 9/10

Feliz Cumpleaños Leo
Consider this summer A PUNTO DE CARAMELO. You can pretty much do as you wish and you will get away with it. Venus, Mercury, and Mars are all showing you off well and the old milonguero Saturn is finally going to be pleased and give you a break. Finances will also improve after the 20th of August.
Best milonga days: Jul 15/16 Aug 11-13

In July you must struggle with the group class and flounder along with the rest but in August you will be able to rely on your intuition and improvisation to brilliantly guide you through the dance. It may seem like DE PEDO or dumb luck but you have really earned these rewards.
Best milonga days: Jul 17-19 Aug 14/15

You and your partner are stars in July but in August, you must learn to stand out on your own in a crowd. This probably means you are going to Bs As and will not be able to sit with your lover. You will want to practice the art of MATUFIA or deception and make the others think you are on your own so you can get the best dances.
Best milonga days: Jul 20-22 Aug 16/17

Your mama is calling and you must go home for a visit. In August, your family obligations will be done and you can focus on yourself. Eat lots of POLENTA and you are sure to find money or a dance partner as good as gold. Your sexual energy is also very strong but you will want to channel this dynamic into your work.
Best milonga days: Jul 22/23 Aug 18-20

At best, you will have incredible good fortune in the real estate market. At least, you will get into the best tango venues for free. August brings some exciting travel and don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes. Your word is RASCAR
meaning a sexy kiss, financial reward, to find what you seek, or to play the guitar badly. All good as long as you stay away from the musical instruments.
Best milonga days: Jul 25/26 Aug 21/22

Dance close embrace in July and find the comfort of the womb. In August expect to have a brush with the tomb. No you are not going to die but it is probably time to bury your ego. Enter the milonga with humility or you will become known as a MAMARRACHO – a Rodney Dangerfield - the one who gets NO RESPECT!
Best milonga days: Jul 1, 27/28 Aug 23-25

Remember the list of no no’s and pay attention to what goes into your BOCA before dancing tango. Avoid garlic, onions (they give you bad breath), cucumbers, radishes (they repeat on you), and pastrami, salami (it comes out in your sweat). You might also rule out asparagus (causes a foul odor in the CHOTA/O (genitals) if you plan to go for a “coffee” after the milonga.
Best milonga days: Jul 2/3, 29-31 Aug 26/27

There are no secrets in the milonga. The walls have ears and the Porteños read lips. You think your July love affair is under wraps but by August, it will be the buzz. JUNAR means to see, to watch, even to spy upon. Everyone will comprehend your goings on. If you are single, the attention will prove to be titillating. If you are married, ay dios mio!
Best milonga days: Jul 4/5 Aug 1/2, 28/29

You are cranky in July and want to spend more time at home in LA CAMA, but August finds you out and about and a CAPO on the social scene. Always charming now that you’ve gotten your rest, but with an edge of milonguero mobster nonetheless.
Best milonga days: Jul 6-8 Aug 3/4, 30/31

You prefer to dance in the bars and restaurants because you like to eat and drink as much as you like to tango. In August you will be blessed with invitations to many ASADOS. The Argentine BBQ improves your estilo and the CHIMICHURRI sauce adds an extra traspie to your milonga steps.
Best milonga days: Jul 9/10 Aug 5/6

July is the month of PLATA for you and when you strike it rich, you will not hesitate to drop some cash on a new wardrobe. Learn this phrase “QUE PINTA!” It will be exclaimed in admiration whenever your elegant self enters into the milonga.
Best milonga days: Jul 11/12 Aug 7/8