Monday, September 29, 2008

Milonga del Cielo

Here's what people are saying about Milonga del Cielo:
"Sensual & delicious"
come and find out why...

Every Tuesday @
Heavenly Bamboo Pavilion
10 East 39 St (Mad/5th Ave)
Host & DJ Lexa
8:30 beg class
9pm -1:30am... milonga

$14 includes sushi & chinese Buffet
food served till 10:30pm
$8 admission after 11pm
nos vemos

911 Tango Commute

posted on You Tube by Amy Zheng
"9/11 is being remembered for the loss of life but will be empowered by an expression of the love for living. TangoCommute is turning the tragic events into some positive action while remembering and supporting those who were directly affected by the tragedy since:
Terror is an act of intimidation spreading fear. Tango - on the opposite - is an expression of freedom generating joy Music "Abrazame" - you do not only say to anything abrazame to me. your glance is enough to me to include/understand that your wraths. abrazame, as if outside now the first time as if you wanted to me today just as yesterday, abrazame. If your you go away and you forgot that a day for a long time back, when eramos even young you began to me to love and I gave my life you if you go away.----If your you go away me kedara silence to talk, the shade of your body and solitude seran my companions if you go away, if your you go away Iran with you the time
time and my better age, you seguire keriendo every day but will hope to me to that you return if you go away."

Friday, September 26, 2008

Omar Vega Feb 13 1959 - Sep 19 2008

Worlds Greatest dancer and teacher of Milonga Traspie

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lexa's Milonga

Thanks to all the Heavenly Bodies who showed up at the opening of Cielo. We had a wonderful milonga and will be continuing on a weekly basis. I look forward to seeing you all again next Tuesday!
Nos vemos y abrazos