Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lexa's Argentine Tango Classes

Every Wednesday
7pm - 8:15pm All Levels
Focus on close embrace, connection, balance, and new steps
All classes @
9 Great Jones (3rd St) Bell #1
between Broadway & Lafayette.
Red Door next to Acme Restaurant

Every Tuesday
8:45 - 9:45pm Beginner
9:45 - 10:45 guided practica
@ Rubyfruit downstairs
531 Hudson (@ Charles St)
$20 per class (includes practica & milonga and one drink on Tuesdays.)

Private lessons also available by appointment.

Rubyfruit Report

The practica y milonga are growing slowly and I am happy to report that tonight was a very good night at Rubyfruit. We had many new beginners including some very hot eye candy from Albert Einstein school of medicine. The doctorboys are on their way to Buenos Aires and wanted to get a head start on their tango. La Marshall - look out! We were also blessed with a visit from two Cubano Mambo Kings who are now ready to master the tango. There were gay boys from Uruguay y an amazing mina from Netherlands who stopped by to dance. (Be sure to look for her in the milongas on Wed & Th as her following is exquisite!) Along with the core group of dedicated regulars we were visited by a very sexy and mysterious man and woman couple. They experienced their first tango lesson and say they will be back. It was a very satisfying tango night. We danced until 1:30am and would have gone later except the bartender was tired and needed to call it a night. Nos vemos la proxima vez!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

NYC's first Lesbian Milonga!




Tango Tuesdays @ RUBYFRUIT
8:45 pm - 9:45 pm Lesson
with Master Instructor
Lexa Roséan
9:45 - 10:45pm Practica
Milonga till 1 am
531 Hudson St.
212 929 3343

Queer design but Heterosexual friendly.

tango death and rebirth

The faces of my students
the eager faces of my students are a beacon of light
a budding spring
reminding me of my own tango youth.
reminding me of the hope I once held for my dance and my life.
reminding me that I can still inspire in others what I no longer carry within.

Dancing and Depressed.

Tonight the Egyptian asked me if I was tired.
"No I am not tired. "I said even though I was resting out the tanda.
"Then perhaps you are in love. It is the same, you know - tired and in love.
Being in love makes you dizzy." he smiled.
"Yes, I know" I smiled back.
I was feeling dizzy.
I had gotten a bit drunk before the milonga (something I never do) because I lost a job earlier in the afternoon and it seemed appropriate to get inebriated. If I had been tired or in love, these feelings were quickly supplanted by the onset of deep panic.
A long long time ago, my astrologer told me that I needed to dance in order to avoid committing suicide. So I began to dance.
It saved my life for several decades.
I am now wondering if this is still an effective remedy.

It was only in the elevator on the way out that I found my lost sense of humor, dignity, and desire to live.
A gentleman and two ladies accompanied me down. The ladies buzzed about my dapper hat and I made some comment back to them. The gentleman was taken aback and he said:
"Your voice is higher than I expected. I thought you were a -"
"The ladies buzzed again and chuckled deeply.
"Shall I lower my voice for you?" I asked while straightening my corbata. And I did so speaking in a deep husky range.
"I thought you were a -
You are dressed like a -
I thought you were a -" he repeated.
"I AM" I said in my best basso.
"It is ok, the ladies assured him. It takes a woman to know these things."
In that moment I ceased to feel so depressed for being such a loser.
At least I was recognized for the milonguero I am.