Monday, December 11, 2006

Lexa's Argentine Tango Schedule

Upcoming Workshops and Private Classes

email Lexa at TIGERSTANGO
or call 917 841 1771

Let Lexa teach you the techniques to lead
with style, elegance, clarity, and power!
(Men also welcome to this workshop.
Intermediate following skills required)

Also starting in March BEGINNER TANGO CLASS
$22 PER LESSON OR $18 each FOR 4 WEEK PACKAGE ($72)
Register NOW email tigerstango

*ON MONDAYS...Please say hi to Lexa and ask for a dance*
(AFTER MIDNIGHT ONLY when I'm officially off duty)
at La Luna Milonga
every Monday night at Dance Manhattan
39 West 19th Street (bet. 5th& 6th Ave), 5th floor
9:30pm - 12:30 am

Friday, December 1, 2006

dancing with the stars

Tiger's friend, Jan La Salle is a big star now. On a recent trip to Bs As, Jan was invited to dance on stage in a tango show at Confiteria Ideal. Tiger is lucky to still get a dance with her.

Here's Alberto Dassieu and Jan La Salle in the show "Milonguísimo" with singer Miguel A. Balbi at Confiteria Ideal in Buenos Aires on October 23, 2006. This video was posted on UTube by Jai Jeffryes

Take care of your Tango SMILE

Don't have dental insurance?
Afraid to let the dental students at NYU have at your mouth?

Go and see Dr. Margarita D'Urbano.
Of course you must call for an appointment 54-11-4382-2549
Rivadavia 1424 2nd fl
barrio congresso
B.A., Argentina
(say that Lexa sent you)

Tiger's face is almost as white as her teeth here, after a visit with Dr. Margarita. Well, just as it is with the tango, dental work is intense and may sometimes cause you suffering and pain. But unlike American dentists, Dr. Margarita won't charge you an 'ARM AND A LEG' to fix your teeth and that's why Tiger is still smiling :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Milongas Weekend Nov 11/12 2006

Unfortunately Tiger had some camera trouble and could only capture a few shots over the weekend. Too bad as there were some AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL 30's and 40's costumes at the All Night Milonga celebration.

Queen of the Night at Fifth Aniversary of All Night Milonga at Stepping Out

Diego y Anna perform at All Night Milonga

Oliver y Luna prepare to dance at All Night Milonga

DJ la Turca, Sultana, Tiger, y Ludo at Session 73

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ukrainian National Home

Bengi y Tonino

muy dramatico

oliver y luna

ludo leads
and follows

Kumi dances

Ramu y Elif

Thursday, November 9, 2006

tres scary milongueros

Here is the reason why the Mamas did not want their nice Catholic hijas in the milongas.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

El Gordo

drinking maté is excellent for your health. It gives you energy and can help you lose weight - but NOT when it is accompanied by medialunas y alfajores!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

mi nombre

In my early tango days, the Argentines named me the rascal or little bastard (la guacha), but now I am known as El Tigre or la tigressa This is because of my prowess on the dance floor and the fact that I look great in stripes.
O and I guess I should mention that I am also known as la bruja...

Thursday, October 5, 2006

tiger in bs as

Allah tangos ~ Nat y Tiger at Mosque in Bs As
(the largest mosque in South America)

cats in La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires

NYers en San Telmo

sergio y lex/palermo

natalie y lex park en palermo

tiger en la boca

mama y hija en la marshall milonga

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Gonzalo Cabrera y Roxanna Suarez UCP Women Who Care Luncheon May 4 2006

Introduction given at Women Who Care Luncheon:
We have a very special treat for you today. We are pleased to introduce, a young dancer who happens to have cerebral palsy and one whose disability has not prevented him from striving to reach for the stars. Here, direct from Argentina is Gonzalo Cabrera and his cousin and dance partner Roxana Andrea Suarez to perform a traditional tango to the song Catamarca! (orchesta: di Sarli)

Loreen and I want to thank all of you in the NYC milongas for the warm welcome you gave to Gonzalo Cabrera y Roxanna Suarez. They danced a beautiful tango to open the United Cerebral Palsy's Women Who Care Luncheon at Cipriani and they were thrilled to be invited to perform exhibitions at the milongas every night of the week they were visiting here. Special thanks to Gayatri Martin of La Boca, Hernan of Tango Club, Coco y Juan Pablo of La Nacional, Dani Carpi of La Belle Epoque, Sandra of Lafayette Grill, and Jak and Metin of Baila Tango y DJ La Turca. For those of you who missed these wonderful kids, Gonzalo is sixteen years old and happens to have cerebral palsy, although you wouldn't know it when he dances tango. He and his cousin Roxy were an inspiration to us all! The GREATEST GRACIAS to Tanguero Productions for introducing these amazing dancers to the NY tango community!