Monday, July 23, 2007

Pupi Castello Passes...

Dear friends,
I just read this on the Tango L:
It's a note from Alberto Paz and
Valorie Hart. It's with great sadness I quote this to all of you:

Pupi Castello passed away surrounded by family and friends at 8:30 AM (Sat Jul 21?)
this morning Buenos Aires time.

Another giant of the Argentine tango has left us, and we mourn, we
grief but also rejoice celebrating the life of a man who gave luster
and class to the word 'milonguero.'

Pupi's prime disciple, partner and friend Graciela Gonzalez was at
his bedside hours after she returned to Buenos Aires. After a long
night, Ernesto Norberto Castello, known by all as Pupi slipped into
an eternal rest.

Pupi was a wonderful teacher and dear dear milonguero. I enjoyed so many tango moments with him in NY and Bs As. Pupi was always the life of the party and his dance was one you could not take your eyes away from. I will miss him greatly as will all of the tango community. RIP dear Pupi in that great milonga in the sky!

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