Monday, May 25, 2009

What folks are saying about Cielo

"Why I go to Lexa's by Jean Migdal.
I go to Lexa's Milonga because I always have a good time, the space is intimate and Lexa is a very good host. Lexa plays good tranditional music and alternative tandas created with me in mind. She and I dance madly to "I Want to do Bad Things to You", the theme song from my favorite tv show, Trueblood. Lexa is inventive and dreams up fun themes for official and not so official holidays and celebrations. A surprising number of people who go to Lexa's like to dress up for her events. Once I danced with a barechested man on a Hawaiian themed night. When Lexa performs wtih Gayle it's always naughty and fun. Finally, I go to Lexa's because her cortinas are unexpectedly playful; and, if we start to dance, she plays the entire song."
Nos vemos y abrazos -Lexa

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