Thursday, February 15, 2007

Corazon Milonga Valentine's Day 2007

Your host and dj Yesim La Turca

Your hostess G Valentine

What will Michael dance to?

Angeles chillin' at the bar

Tiger y Sultana arrive
(or is that Austin Powers without his glasses? And what is he doing with Leyla Gencer!)

The exhibition
Angeles Chanaha and Michael Nadtochi

Grand Dame of Tango Lucille y O. Dalgik A.T.'s Byzantine scholar just back from a dig

Gaya y Gil


3 porteños
1 russian
1 tiger (or is that Austin Powers again with El Club Del Clan?)

THE LOVE CANDLES notice that one couple dances apilado and the other open nuevo. In the center is the special magic candle to make everyone fall in love with your dancing. It was won by Mark in the raffle.

William y Katharine

Gaya embraces Jesus

The Bartender is taking ognat lessons.

Let's look at the figures.

Yes, let's look at the figures!

Mark and friend

sweet and new on the scene

Eli dances!

A malevo wants to cut in
but these two are in love and their corazons are melting right into each other!

Oh Yeah Baby! It was a tangodelic Valentine's to remember!


L.L. Barkat said...

I really know nothing about tango, but it looks so delicious in these pics. Am obviously missing something wonderful! (Do people do performance tango anywhere in NYC?)

Lexa Roséan said...

Tango is everywhere in NYC! check NYTango or call NYC Tango Hotline 212 726 1111 for details and daily events