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TangoStars April 2007

I know that many of you are disappointed that the TangoStars (astrology for dancers) column is no longer available online at TangoCulture webzine. In response to your overwhelming feedback and heartfelt support, (not to mention your expression of sheer desperado at not knowing what's in store for you on the dancefloor!) I will now publish the column online here at TigersTango. Sorry to be so late this month, but I hope this will provide you with a reflective look back at the month if your dates have already passed. Come and visit again for the May column. Unfortunately, I cannot translate TangoStars into German but the column is still available in Spanish in hard copy of the Reportango magazine. If anyone is interested in syndicating/translating the column for another tango webzine, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can also check out my regular astrology column online at and you can read my monthly astro column for teens in CosmoGirl! magazine.
abrazos and may the estrellas be with you!
Tiger (Lexa)


Feliz Cumpleaños Aries
You are going to feel a little off balance until the 11th and then everything will run as smoothly as a perfectly polished dance floor. Put energy into your tango and people will notice. They will also make sure to show up at the milongas you host or attend. Enjoy the popularity!
Best milongas: 16 - 18

With Venus in your sign until the 11th, you will be very popular with the ladies. Of course if you are a leader, this is excellent news. If you are a follower, expect the women to give you some good tango tips and generous share their favorite leaders. On the 28th, you will finally own a step or technique you have been struggling with.
Best milongas: 17 - 19

It seems as if every tango you dance and every milonga you attend has political ramifications. Do not underestimate the power of your presence and influence. On the 12th, Venus enters your sign making you very popular. This will also increase creativity and communication in your love life. You will be led more from your heart and less from your mind.
Best milongas: 19 – 21

You take a bold lead and fight to gain dominance in the milongas. This proves difficult, as your mistrust and mistreatment of others will not fair well for your reputation. You appear angry and if not careful you may end up with the life of the “surgeon”. El Ciruja is a beautiful tango to dance but not a happy life to live!
Best milongas: 22 – 23

An adventure is in store. Be prepared to travel and discover new milongas and new partners. You will feel most confident on foreign soil and the best way to escape problems and find solutions is to surround yourself with the unfamiliar. Saturn is still stepping on your toes and his harsh influence forces you to be responsible – especially where relationships are concerned.
Best milongas: 24 – 26

Don’t be in such a rush to figure out your financial status or tax returns. A hurried mistake discovered later on may be so dizzying you’ll experience vertigo on the dance floor. On the 7th, you will discover a partner worth the embrace. The feeling will be mutual and s/he will be more than happy to wait for you. Take care of all business first and then indulge in your pleasure and tango.
Best milongas: 26 – 28

This month is all about partnerships. The full moon on the 2nd brings you joy and ecstasy in the arms of another. Communication on and off the dance floor is seamless and you’ll enjoy how effortless it is to understand and be understood. Venus offers you opportunities for travel and fun with your tango friends after the 12th.
Best milongas: 1/2, 29/30

Venus dances through your house of love until the 11th, and you’ll feel the heat of the embrace. In the middle of the month, you seem more like a taxi dancer but this work will pay off. Also remember to dance with beginners. It may be painful now but will be rewarding later. After the 21st, you’ll find yourself more fulfilled emotionally with a partner of your heart’s choosing.
Best milongas: 3 – 5

New friends, and a new love or passion, keep you busy. You are the leader of your scene and whether a leader or follow, many will follow you to the milongas you prefer just to be in your company. After the 12th, your social scene takes a seat while you embrace a more private affair.
Best milongas: 6 - 8

A new home or renovation inspires you to have a private tango party at your house. Don’t be surprised if unexpected guests arrive. For most of the month, you’ll be running around frantically and futilely flirting. But it won’t be until after the 21st that your “moves” will be appreciated and reciprocated.
Best milongas: 9 – 11

Difficulties with a partner will bring you down. Choose a new barrio and a new milonga to hang out in. You’ll get a clear head and new perspective on life. Also it is important to stay away from the bar as alcohol will either depress you or bring out your violent streak. Stick to the dance floor and allow your creative energy to flow freely without impediment.
Best milongas: 11 – 13

Beginning on the 7th, Mars gives a sexy boost of energy to your tango. The Sun beams brilliantly on your bank account and life seems too good to be true. Where is the suffering? You ask. Ah, it is in your work. You may not like all you have to do but at least you are now being paid quite well for it.
Best milongas: 13 - 15


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