Friday, June 1, 2007

TangoStars June 2007

Feliz cumpleaños Gemini
You are now attracted to teaching, traveling, and setting some long-term tango goals. A partner helps you fulfill your potential and together you will shine. The 22nd puts you in the public eye with a performance or exhibition. Mars and Venus are creating both allies and admirers and you will find the right connections for business as well as pleasure. Best Milonga days: Jun 13/14

You are having trouble trusting your partners. If you are a leader, you are using too much force or holding on too tight. If you are a follower – stop being a backseat driver. Although usually frowned upon in tango, you will need to use a lot of verbal communication now to smooth out the difficulties. Talk it out OFF the dancefloor or at least in a practica or therapist’s office.
Best Milonga days: Jun 15/16

Saturn still grasps you in a tight embrace but after the 6th, Venus enters your sign and softens the hold. You will feel more relaxed as the tension now melts away. Jupiter broadens your social scene and your love life. You will need to decide if you want to dance all your tandas with a special partner or keep playing musical chairs (although in your case – it is more like musical beds). Best Milonga days: Jun 18/19

Unless you are in the business of tango, you don’t have any business in the milongas! Your career must come first now and demands you in a close embrace. You will also be traveling or preparing to relocate to take advantage of a major opportunity coming your way. After the 22nd, there’s a cortina in your professional life that allows you to slip away and dance a few tandas.
Best Milonga days: Jun 20/21

Travel opportunities catch you up in a high lift and you will dance with the sun or with some special partner on the sandy shores of a dream island. This is a fun month with friends and romance and many distractions to entertain you. After the 22nd, you will be rejuvenated and ready to take care of those back home who depend on you.
Best Milonga days: Jun 23/24

There is a trickster spirit around determined to trip you up. Be careful of straps, cuffs, and any dangling jewelry or shoelaces on the dancefloor. Also beware of good looking and seductive malevos. You will pay a high price to dance with them, and their technique (although criminally brilliant) is not so good as far as tango is concerned.
Best Milonga days: Jun 25/26

You have only two favored partners now and there are even less milongueros that you feel like socializing with. It seems like the tango scene is boring you to tears. The moment you travel abroad you will be sought after by the best dancers in the milongas you visit. It will feel good to be a star and you’ll also meet some exciting new friends that energize and entertain you.
Best Milonga days: Jun 27/28

You’ve got another dance you are working on and that makes tango difficult to fit in the schedule. You’ve also got a romantic partner who prefers a private tango at home alone with you. That’s ok. Disappear until the 23rd and when you return, those in the milongas will have a new appreciation for you. Best Milonga days: Jun 3/30

This is a very sexy month for you with lots of flirtatious boleos coming your way. You’ll also have a chance to perform or produce a tango show and any investment of time or money you make with a group or team will prove successful. One on one relationships are the most challenging now. Best Milonga days: Jun 5/6

Private parties and intimate gatherings with friends are more satisfying for you than crowded milongas now. You enjoy being home and there’s no reason why you can’t dance there too. It is also more favorable for you to work at home. Rearrange the furniture or renovate your house to make more room for your passions.
Best Milonga days: Jun 7/8

Lucky for you, the Argentines are big beef eaters and don’t care much for devouring little lambs. This is also unfortunate for you because you will feel neglected in the presence of those big Sacred Cows. They are taking their turn in the spotlight and you will have to stand in the media luz. With Mars in your sign, you can’t hold your horses and your impatience causes a big beef with the sheep and chickens that are ahead of you in the line of dance.
Best Milonga days: Jun 9/10

Two new sources of income make it possible for you to take more private classes and buy more tango shoes. You’ll also have fun with your finances and work will feel like an upbeat vals that makes your spirits soar. Expect to grow both spiritually and economically in leaps and bounds (and tango jumps).
Best Milonga days: Jun 11/12

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