Saturday, February 16, 2008

Goose and Gander

Ok, maybe it's just me, but if a fella invites me to dance,
I expect him to lead.
This week in the milongas, I've had a lot of guys running after me on the dance floor, waving their arms, jumping up and down in front of my face and yelling: 'Oh pick me! Pick me! Lead me!".
Is this a new technique? Should the ladies employ it as well to get dances? No offense guys but if a lady tried to corner me like that I'd run away too. Call me old fashioned but I prefer the cabeceo and I practice it as both a leader and a follower. If you gents want to follow, you should let yourselves in for the WHOLE experience and that includes wallflowering. I want you to sit and bat your eyelashes at me or wink from across the room and wait for my nod of the head. I want to find you with my eyes when the music is right for you to be in my arms. As far as I'm concerned, inviting someone to dance when you intend to lead is like offering a ride. Inviting someone to dance when you intend to follow is like asking for one. Call me a bull headed macha, but that's how I see it.
p.s. I also like my followers in heels!

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Jai said...

If they're bugging you with too many invitations, do what I do. Hide in the men's room. I'll save you a seat!