Friday, June 18, 2010

Atención Muchachas

I must announce that I bought a pair of comme il faut tango shoes from Chino.
I could not resist.
They are so damn hot.
I have no idea when I will wear them.
I took my Dance Partner to buy some shoes and my inner tanguera just came raging out and I couldn't leave until I bought her a pair of shoes.
I haven't followed much for years but lately, more guys ask me to dance and I usually follow them in my Fabio tango sneakers. They are great as I can lead and follow in them.
I had a pair of character shoes with a heel when I first started dancing. I loaned them to a student for a competition and never got them back. So I guess it's important to me to have a pair of heels lurking around.
Atención! as one of these days my comme il fauts will make their debut...

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