Saturday, May 26, 2007

Marta y Manolo

Marta and Manolo are amazing dancers and teachers and between the two of them, they have been dancing for 110 years! If you are interested in learning Canyengue, you can still catch a class with them at Dance Manhattan. 35 West 19th street 5th fl. NYC

Wednesday MAY 30
9:00-10:30 pm Level III **
Canyengue: Navigating with “Dobles & Corridas”

Also offered:
Wednesday MAY 23
9:00-10:30 pm Level I **
Canyengue: “El Enganche” – The Basic
Canyengue is a very special genre noted for it’s intimate embrace, brisk moves, and incredible interpretation of the music. The pure essence of the beginning of tango. Known as the happy style of tango, canyengue is the “swing” of tango!

Thursday MAY 24
8:00-9:30 pm Level II **
Canyengue: “Las Horquetas” –
Variations on Turns

Saturday MAY 26
2 :00-3:30 pm intermediate/advanced
Tango: Sacadas Made Simple
3 :30-5:00 pm intermediate/advanced
Milonga Fantasia: Alternative Embrace Explored
Milonga Fantasia is danced in the wee hours of the morning in Buenos Aires when the dance floor is less crowded. It is for those who are ready to explore new ideas and who want to experiment while continuing to build connection with a partner and to the music. Discover new ‘classic’ elements of tango to enrich your dance.

** Canyengue Levels I, II and III - we recommend you take all three but they can be taken independently and are suituable for Intermediate and above level Tango dancers.

Standard Pricing: $35 per class

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