Tuesday, May 1, 2007

TangoStars May 2007


Feliz cumpleaños Taurus
You dance slow and sensual until the 12th and then a fast paced milonga speeds up your dance and also gives a great boleo to your finances. Your favorite part of the milonga is dinner or going out to eat afterwards. Eat green (and not fried) and you’ll keep your weight under control. All the better to fit into those beautiful birthday gifts!
Best Milonga days: 15/16

You feel very grounded in your dance but don’t really sense that any progress is being made. Stay rooted to your exercises and repetition will soon lead to a whole new sense of the dance for you. After the 12th, your light footed ruler Mercury enters your sign and all the difficult concepts you have been struggling to grasp will now be within your reach and understanding. You’ll own your dance!
Best Milonga days: 12, 17/18

The lunfardo word Bolas Tristes is a perfect description of what you are experiencing. Don’t be a killjoy! Be generous even when you feel jealous or when you perceive that others feel jealous of you. On the 9th, Venus enters your sign and there’s enough love and partners to go around the entire milonga. Feel the bliss.
Best Milonga days: 9, 19/20

Take your time with the dance. Observe before you invite or else you will pay a heavy price. Allow the reward to come in it’s own sweet time and don’t push for results too soon. Someone hovers over you on the 6th and you feel like you want to kill as this one will block or intercept you from connecting with the one you desire. Be clear to get your point across or this will become a continual annoyance.
Best Milonga days: 22/23

You’ve got your finances together and it’s time for a(nother) trip to tango mecca. Travel and tango classes are favored and you’ll be successful in competing for the best partners in the milongas. There will be a sexy interlude as well after the 17th. Eso!
Best Milonga days: 23-25

Your close embrace is likely to be misinterpreted. Unless you are Argentine, your intensity of emotion and affection will be mistaken for another kind of intimacy. Use your gut instinct about a new partner who wants to connect on a deeper level outside the milonga. Be careful of your flirtatious nature if you do not really feel the heat.
Best Milonga days: 26-28

You and your current partner are holding on too tight and this is blocking the breath of the embrace. Let go and trust that you can still stay connected. An old flame or former partner shows up in the milonga. Incredibly, you realize that time really does heal. Your heart no longer pounds for this one but now you have a better connection on the dancefloor.
Best Milonga days: 2/3, 29

Don’t accept the first dance that comes your way. Hold out for the partner that you truly desire. Patience will get you the connection and it will be worth the wait. You are full force in the milongas this month and many organizers will rely on you. You play hooky around the 16th and opt for a horizontal tango at home.
Best Milonga days: 4/5, 31

You are looking for a new partner and you will try out many before settling for one. Your focus on performance makes you decide to dance all the tandas with your home base once you’ve found the partner that suits you the best. Be sure to socialize when off the dancefloor because there are also business connections to be made in the milonga.
Best Milonga days: 7/8

You’d rather hang at home than dance tango. Toward the middle of the month, you get bored and find that your couch and television are not very good listeners. You’ve got the gift of gab and even when you show up in the milongas, you sit a lot and prefer to talk.
Best Milonga days: 9/10

Ah you’ve got an enemy in the milonga. Only one? Ha, you must not be dancing long. You begin to hear the horror stories of others and this makes you long to heal the rifts. Hang on. You will be surprised how things work out when you least expect it.
Best Milonga days: 11/12

Which orchestra is playing? The name of the song is on the tip of your tongue but it just won’t come. You’ll feel a bit muddled until the 16th when Mars, your ruler, returns to your sign and also returns your sharp and clever mind. Be careful with your speed on the dancefloor as it may make you a hazard to others. Obey the line of dance.
Best Milonga days: 13/14, 16

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