Monday, September 24, 2007

New Students

I was gifted by the gods this evening. On rare occasions, tonight being one of them, divine light shines down into the depths of darkness my soul is fond of dwelling in. All week, I have been sick as a dog and I do not do well with sickness. A cold that won't let go and a throat on fire. Still, I promised to teach a class for an associate who is out of town and it was only tango that got me out of my sick bed to go and teach. A sacred duty I suppose. I had no expectations, only a prayer that my voice would hold out for three hours.

I arrived at the studio about twenty minutes early to go over things with the owner, and he informed me that some students were already in the room. I was surprised. Wow, people were showing up and not only that, they were showing up early. I walked into the room to find a very sweet young man and woman. Even more delightful, they were Porteños. And I was to give them their first tango lesson. I think I was too busy feeling blessed to feel intimidated. Like sponges they soaked in everything I gave them and were hungry for more. They took to tango - mmm like two baby ducks to the water. To watch them move was so rewarding. To see them take the instruction and immediately incorporate it into their bodies was thrilling. The young woman, my god, the way her back curved and her ass stuck out - you just can't teach people to do that. Not in a first lesson anyway! When they say, it is in their blood, it is not just a saying. It is true. I witnessed this tonight.

At the end of the class, the young man thanked me and said it was just as he had imagined. His tango lesson fantasy had been fulfilled. Honestly, as a teacher, it doesn't get better than that. I am in total awe of these two and I look forward to teaching them again next week. For the first time, I understand what a priviledge it is to teach tango. I thank the gods for this gift.

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