Saturday, September 1, 2007

TangoStars Sep/Oct 2007

Feliz Cumpleaños Virgo y Libra
If life is a dance then your next two tandas – I mean months – will be glorious! Your combined skills of detail and connection will make you the prize of the milonga. The Virgin will have many suitors for dance and romance. The Scales must weigh the pros and cons of a partnership to make a serious commitment in both love and tango.

The old milonguero Saturn will enter your sign on Sep 2 and will have his eye on you and all you do. Take his corrections and devote yourself to perfecting your dance. There is hard work ahead but know that you are preparing for the exhibition of your life!
Best milonga dates:
Sep 10/11, 20/21, 24
Oct 7/8, 18/19, 22

When the criticizing voice in your head becomes too loud, stop thinking and feel the heartbeat of your partner. Remember that a tanda lasts only around 9 minutes so stop flirting with others in that time and make a full commitment to the one you’re with.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 12-14, 22/23, 26
Oct 11/12, 20, 24/25

You have many partners to choose from and many different reasons why. Will you dance with the one you love or the one you intend to court for classes or business? Choose wisely as there may not be time to dance with them all.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 15/16, 24/25, 29
Oct 12/13, 22/23, 25

You will now trust enough to stop focusing on technique and just fall into the music and your partner. The difference this leap of faith makes is sheer perfection. Your tango is very sexy below the waist and full of feeling above.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 3/4, 18/19, 26
Oct 1, 15/16, 24/25

Travel opportunities present themselves. Maybe you only take a calculated walk across the room in the milonga. Perhaps you will glide across the dance floor and it is entirely possible that you fly all the way to Bs As. In any case, you will find several good partners in all circumstances.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 2, 6, 20/21, 29
Oct 3, 18/19, 25, 30

You will need to move to another venue to find what you are looking for. Search outside your own comfort zone and domain and be ready to embrace a different sort of partner. Or take your partner into another dance that is more challenging for both of you.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 3, 7/8, 22/23, 30
Oct 1, 5/6, 20, 21, 28

Love is in the air and in your dance. You will pass many tandas in the arms of one and then you will take matters to another level and replace la pisa with la cama. In this case, the vertical will definitely translate in the horizontal.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 5//6, 10/11, 24
Oct 3, 7, 22/23, 30/31

Your tango is all work and very little play. On the Harvest Moon (26 Sep) you will reap your rewards. Now you can relax and traspie with a special partner who shares both domestic and business success.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 1, 7/8, 12, 26/27
Oct 5/6, 10/11, 24

Your tango is flirtatious and fun and you dance with many partners with ease. In October you buckle down and work hard on developing a relationship and a solid repertoire with one special partner.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 2, 11, 16, 28/29
Oct 7/8, 12, 25-27

Focus on home and work matters keeps you away from the milongas but don’t pull a complete disappearing act, as others are too dependent on you now. In October, you’ll return to a full time social butterfly.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 3/4, 12/13, 19, 30
Oct 1, 10/11, 15, 28/29

You discover a new milonga in your barrio and the best partners are there. Now you can easily bring one of them home. For practica purposes only!!! To be lucky in love, you’ll need to go far from home!
Best milonga dates:
Sep 6, 15-17, 21
Oct 2/3, 12/13, 19, 30

Your tango will make you money now so do not hesitate to spread the word about your show or classes or milonga. Advertising and socializing are the keys to your success.
Best milonga dates:
Sep 7/8, 18/19, 23
Oct 5/6, 15/16, 21

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