Thursday, November 15, 2007


Now this is really cool - at least you've got to take a look at their website!

TANGO HOTEL is a place to stay in BS AS and they are 100% DEDICATED TO TANGO. Each room is a tango scene. I'd like to stay in the Carlos Gardel room even though it's kind of kitchy and they definitely need to add some double beds. Tango Hotel also offers a DINNER TANGO SHOW and TANGO LESSONS. THEY OFFER SPECIAL PRICES FOR TANGUEROS.

Maria Eugenia Dewey

Reservas, Complejo Tango

AV. Belgrano 2608, C1096AAQ

Buenos Aires, Argentina

(+54 11) 4941-1119 int. 106



tangocherie said...

Is this an ad or a recommendation?

I must say the website is spectacular (except for the very annoying music).

But who are the teachers? I bet they're a couple of kids from the show.

It just looks SO commercial to me, so gimmicky, as if tango tourists don't have a brain in their heads.
Maybe I'll go over there and have a look at it, but I have a feeling it's just another "trampa para turistas!"

Lexa Roséan said...

Well Cherie
you have a point. It's more of an ad I guess. The organizer sent me an email asking me to post. I just love the website. Someone did a lot of work and the house also looks like work was done to create a tango feel. I don't know what the prices are but it's worth checking out. As far as the classes, no idea but everyone should see one of those tacky tango dinner shows at some point in their tango travels. Serious milongueros and tourists alike. They're just so much fun!