Thursday, November 1, 2007

TangoStars Nov/Dec 2007

Note: If you are not happy with your lot, dance with a partner of another astro sign and let their fortune rub off on you.

Feliz Cumpleaños Scorpio y Sagittarius
Your tango gets a polish and shine as you refine your choice in partners and music. The Scorpion learns to communicate better on the dance floor and the Sagittarian will have considerable luck and timing in the milonga game.

What is perfect about your tango is that you can express all your emotion in the dance without sacrificing your timing or skill. No choked up moments for you but rather pure bliss as you glide across the floor. Don’t be surprised in December when you are offered payment to reveal your tango secrets.
Best milonga days: Nov 8, 18, 19 Dec 6, 7, 15, 16

You are a traveling fool and this is to be interpreted in the most happy and carefree sense. There is a big trip or even a move in store for you and an added bonus is that you raise the bar on the level of your dance partners. Prepare to be welcomed and initiated into an inner and exclusive circle in the milonga.
Best milonga days: Nov 11, 12, 20 Dec 8, 9, 18

There is always a tango playing in your head, even without your iPod on. You carry the tango into your dreams and even into your nightmares. Consider learning to dj to make some use of this phenomenon. Or you may be the one to compose the new tangos we are all waiting to dance.
Best milonga days: Nov 13, 14, 22 Dec 11, 12, 20

Your tango is untangled and simple. No ganchos, boleos, or complicated tricks. At least that’s how it appears from the outside. But there is an internal movement at work that operates on a very deep level. Those who partner with you feel it’s presence and this unspoken energy gives you more power in the milonga.
Best milonga days: Nov 16, 17, 25 Dec 13, 14, 22

The music and the partner send shivers down your spine and it is difficult to know whether you are in love with the tango or the stranger with whom you embrace. Time will not reveal the answer to your questions but only intensify the feelings you already possess. You may feel as if your heart is broken, but it is only open.
Best milonga days: Nov 18, 19, 26 Dec 15, 16, 24

Tango is time and the milonga means money. You are all business now and working on the clock. You punch in with traspie accuracy and work nonstop. You are seen promoting at every milonga and your efforts bring great reward.
Best milonga days: Nov 1, 20, 21 Dec 18, 19, 26

The dance is all about the partner for you and you are always in search of one. One by one you will make the connections you desire, and find a partner in business and love, and a social companion. You will also discover a new mentor or tango guru.
Best milonga days: Nov 3, 22, 23 Dec 1, 20, 21,

Your tango undergoes a metamorphosis that pleases you to no end. Don’t be afraid to get caught in the dark and cloudy cocoon in November for in December, you will emerge the butterfly. There is also a bit of the bee in you, so please don’t disappear because you are needed to pollinate all the wallflowers.
Best milonga days: Nov 7, 24, 25 Dec 3, 22, 23, 31

This isn’t tango - it’s bad foreplay. That’s how you feel as you are constantly mauled on the dancefloor. Ah, now I hear the milongeros complain that this column is only for the ladies. Don’t be so sure of it, gents, as you are advised to slide the sport’s cup in your jockstraps to avoid injury from the over amorous boleo.
Best milonga days: Nov 8, 26, 27 Dec 6, 24, 25

Change Partners! Don’t even bother to wait for the cortina, in fact go ahead and do it in the middle of a song. You’ve got to spread yourself around as much as possible and that includes checking out all the tango festivals at home and around the country. Enjoy being in demand!
Best milonga days: Nov 1, 2, 29, 30 Dec 9, 26, 27

You are probably too busy at home to go out much but you need a change of scenery for the holidays, and you also need a new choreography to dance. Don’t let your tango get rusty and stale. Sign up for some of those studio specials and gift yourself with a new tango style.
Best milonga days: Nov 3, 4, 13 Dec 1, 28, 29

A financial boon will prompt you to splurge on a new tango wardrobe and shoes. You’ll look so fine on the dancefloor and your new image brings even more financial opportunity. Be prepared to travel or commute to take advantage of your good fortune.
Best milonga days: Nov 6, 7, 16 Dec 3, 4, 30, 31

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