Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cielo Milonga in 2008

Hola Tanguero/as
Happy Holidays! Please come and join us at Heavenly Bamboo Pavilion to tango out 2008. We have one more Tuesday night milonga left on Dec 30 and below is a video of our very merry milonga on Christmas day!
Here is the schedule:

Tues Dec 30
There Will Be a milonga on Tuesday Dec 30 with a Special Surprise performance and then we hope you will all come to Celebrate Tango at Gayatri's amazing New Year's Eve party on Dec 31 at Dance Manhattan Studios. Lexa and Gayle will be performing a special tango burlesque exhibition that you don't want to miss! And then we'll see you in the New Year @ Cielo!
abrazos y nos vemos
Tues Dec 16 & 23 & 30 @ Heavenly Bamboo Pavilion
10 East 39th St (Mad & 5th Ave)
8:30 beg tango class 9:30pm - 1:30am milonga
$14 includes Sushi and Chinese buffet
$8 milonga only

*Special Christmas day Milonga*
*Thursday Dec 25
4pm - 8pm DJ Lexa
$14 includes Christmas buffet
$8 milonga only
@ Heavenly Bamboo Pavilion
10 East 39th St (Madison & Fifth Ave)
(a block and two steps from the 4,5,6 train at Grand Central)

Tues Dec 23 Chanukah Milonga with Chinese latkes.
Surprise show with the Spinning Dreidels (also known as the Chanukah Giros!)
We'll also have authentic Driedel gambling/gaming in the back room.
(Nu, with this lousy economy, even Suzie Orman would have to agree that Driedel is a surer thing than the stock market!) So come and try your luck!
Remember the rules of the game:
Nun - nada (Nothing happens)
Gimel - ganz (you take all)
Hey - halb (you take half the pot)
Shin - Put in! (you add to the pot)

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