Friday, August 3, 2007

NYC has the best milongas in USA

I've heard horror stories about what happens to US communities after their TangoFest is over. A dark cloud of depression falls over the city and all its occupants become tango deprived. That never happens in NYC. Just like our city, the tango here never sleeps. (Of course all the festival organizers become comatose for a few days after the Celebrate Tango Festival ends) yet the pulse of tango goes on. One of the very special elements of the tango festival this year was the film portion. We had some great tango films and I'm happy to say that in NYC, even tango on the big screen goes on...

There is one very special milonga and organizer that I'd like to mention and that is Lucille of Esmerelda Milonga at Session 73. This milonga takes place every Sunday night and there is always great music, good tapas, a full bar, and at least once a month, Lu features a film or lecture on tango music in the backroom. It never disrupts the dancing but it's just an added touch of tango culture and class added to the milonga. This Sunday Aug 5 there will be a screening of "Tango Solo Mio" at 7:30 pm.

If you loved “Tango, La Obsesion”, and “Tango, Baile Nuetro”, you will love “Tango Solo Mio”!

says Lucila. The film comes to us from Jaime Davidovich’s extensive Argentine film archives. Jaime is amazing and has been a welcome addition to our annual Argentine Tango Pesach Seder. (That's right, once a year we tango our way out of Egypt!)

The following is a description of the film in Jaime’s words:
“The program is around una hora. It was made around the early 80's by a group of gringos (not Argentinos) but it captures the real tango. Features many scenes in the tenement house (birth place of tango) and the real tangueros ( no for export). It is half fiction half real...It has the usual suspects (Carlos GArdel), some fights and a real milonguera,,, married to the same guy for 60 years. She felt in love because he was the king of the milongas and also he asked her to press his pants (old fashioned courtship style of poor people in Buenos Aires). Anyway, the film is funny, is 100 per cent tango (all tango, no fat) and no sex but a lot of lunfardo.”

Make sure to wear your tango best on Sunday night because not only will you SEE a great film, you will be STARRING in a great film. Lucila has been taking stills of her milonga for years and on Sunday night she will capture some special moments and all the stills will be compiled on a DVD. Nos vemos en las milonga Esmerelda!

Session 73
Tango and Tapas@ Session 73 1st Ave (73rd St), 212 517 4445
hosted by Lucile (212) 777 6053
dancing 6:30 to 11:30 or later.
Lesson also at 6:30.$10 (dinner optional)

Tiger y Nina dancing at Esmerelda milonga
photo by LU

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